Benjamin Yu – Finest New York City DUI Attorney

new york city dwi lawyerCharged with a DWI or DUI case is quite a traumatic scenario to go through. These kinds of cases can lead you to extremely adverse consequences over time. Hence, these court cases mustn’t be taken casually. Probable penalty charges for DWI or DUI lawsuits include revocation of driver’s permit, compulsory usage of ignition interlock unit, payment of substantial penalties, imprisonment and community service. A whole lot tougher would be that the legal case may always be incorporated on your public profile for good.

The great thing is that a law office focusing on this area has formerly served a lot of clients in NYC. Presenting the Law Offices of Benjamin Yu, a law firm brought by Benjamin Yu. He is viewed as among the top New York DUI attorney. Benjamin Yu and his team of qualified lawyers already have successfully defended and stood for many clients with DUI and DWI legal cases.

Termination of the legal case isn’t the just the reason for a successful defense for Benjamin Yu as well as his expert lawyers. They also make sure that the case itself mustn’t be reflected in all public records. With such a great requirement for accomplishment, Benjamin Yu is one of the most reputable NYC DUI attorney.

The Law Offices of Benjamin Yu concentrates in DUI and DWI lawsuits in the state of New York. In each and every step in the DWI and DUI case, they’re absolutely happy to help people to totally overcome this experience. Their services can include:

The Primary Consultation

In the initial assessment with the client, a legal counsel inquires the circumstances of the legal case. All the factors are going to be pointed out thoroughly along with the customer which include the slightest details. After all of the factors are pointed out, the legal professional will provide to the client all the potential remedies available, along with the possible fees and penalties for pleading guilty.

Determine Flaws in the Case

There are a lot of elements to look into in any DWI or DUI charge. Being the leading New York DUI lawyer, Benjamin Yu along with his group would uncover every potential weak point in the charge which could be utilized. They contend the credibility of the legal case in every single possible element.

Benjamin Yu would challenge the validity of the actions of the police officers and evaluate the precision of the breath analyzer results. Issues such as these should be looked into because little details could be the key distinction of an acquittal or guilty judgement. Breath analyzer is recognized to make erroneous readings. For this reason, in every charge, Benjamin Yu would work with the experts in the area to determine if the breathalyzer readings are reliable.

Push for a Negotiation

Settlement is sometimes the suitable choice for a defendant in a DWI or DUI case. If clients opt for this alternative, Benjamin Yu is ready to stand for and assist defendants inside and outside of the court. In a settlement deal, they would ensure that the customer will have the ideal option available. The perfect arrangement for Benjamin Yu is that the defendant retains the license and avoids any penalties and fees.

Fight for Defendants in the Court of Law

In the onset, Benjamin Yu would strive to prevent any DWI or DUI legal case to get submitted against the accused. In case the lawsuit is already lodged, Benjamin Yu is willing to fight for his valued clients in the courtroom. Moreover, he makes certain that the accused is all set to appear in the courtroom.

Moreover, the attorneys at the Law Offices of Benjamin Yu can legally represent clients beyond the court. They can as well represent clients in working with insurance companies to acquire suitable injury claims.

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